Benedictine Spirituality

St. Benedict's Toolbox

Ever since I was a child, one of my favourite pastimes is working on jigsaw puzzles. As i find each piece and fit it into place, a beautiful scene begins to take shape. A tree begins as a speck of green, forms gradually, and emerges as a majestic pine. A hand gains a body and face to become a person. piece by piece the work is completed. How like a jigsaw puzzle is the work of God in our lives! Like the pieces of a puzzle, God places the seemingly disparate pieces of our lives into a picture that, for a time, only God Knows. All along the way, through the circumstances of our lives and the choices we must make, God says to us, "Here, my child, take this piece; place it here. Now this piece. Now another. And another," until some form or pattern begins to emerge that we can see.
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