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Battle Diary Tunisia, Italy & Palestine

Battle Diary, the account of his war experiences, was written by Fr George Forbes in 1947 or 1948 soon after his return to his Monastery. It was placed in the Archives of the Abbey and has been used by one or two researchers, but not otherwise published until now. One such researcher alerted us to the quality of Fr George's account, and on inspection this view seemed well-founded. It was first published as an e-book(for Kindle and Apps), but it was quickly evident that those who had memories of this part of history were not naturally disposed to e-books & their devices(though we know one regular user of 96). Therefore we give here a paper version, especially for the market represented by the wider Ampleforth community, and for more senior military readers. Wehope the world market (if there is one) will evade postage charges by opting for the electronic versio. The differences are mostly of arrangement: the material is the same. Those who wish to make comparisons - favourable or unfavourable- are of course at liberty to purchase both editions. This will please the editor and publisher.
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