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Art Work

Ampleforth Madonna - Polychrome


The Lady Statue in the Abbey Church's Lady Chapel is well-known and much-loved. The original is 1 metre (just over 3 feet)high, made in the 13th Century of German Wood. Mary is crowned and carries a lily sceptre in her right hand.  She tilts slightly to one side to balance the weight of the child on her hip, and half smiles at him. Jesus holds an orb as if it is a toy, though it symbolises his lordship over creation. it is the combination of the theological statement with whata is so recognisably humn that attracts the viewer and invites prayer
This is a careful attempt to capture the actual tints of the faded medieval paint on the original, complete with it's natural distressing. Since each piece is hand finished the details of distressing may vary a little.
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