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Agnus Dei- Plainchant for Meditation

Genre: Men's voices sing medieval plainchant 
Duration: n/a
Performed by: Magdala - David Skinner

Feast of Blessed Sacrament of Corpus Christi
1 Cibavit eos. 2 Kyrie De angelis. 3 Gloria De angelis. 4 Oculi omnium. 5 Allelulia. 6 Lauda Sion. 7 Sacerdotes Domini. 8 Sanctus De angelis. 9 Agnus Dei De angelis. 10 Quotiescumque. 11 Ite missa est. 12 Sacerdos in aeternum/Dixit Dominus. 13 Miserator Dominus/Confitebor. 14 Calicem salutaris/Credidi. 15 Sicut novellae/Beati omnes. 16 Qui pacem/Lauda Jerusalem. 17 O quam suavis/Magnificat. 18 Alma redemptoris mater. 19 Ave Regina. 20. Regina caeli. 21 Salve Regina. 22 Pange lingua gloriosi.
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